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Linares, Chantal de (1944-)

Who wants to sponsor a string of draws?

Furthermore, the games themselves will be more exciting, because players who take no risks are rewarded with more rest time under current rules but would get less rest time under these rules. Also, players who get favorable but not winning positions would at least be rewarded by the likelihood of a time advantage for the replay. Finally, colors would be much less important in tournaments. It should be noted that if this idea were to be adopted, then logically draws should not be rated as they are deemed to be merely uncompleted games.

This would necessitate restarting the ratings because the top ratings would be much higher without draws. Invited GM's with ELO rating and above will be provided with free accomodation in the single room and full board and invited GM's with ELO rating will be provided with free accomodation in the double room and full board.

This years tournament will be much stronger.

Peru: Fear for safety, Florinda Flores Linares

It takes place 2nd-5th August. There will be live coverage: The Internet site for "Liepajas rokade" will be available soon. There are various events:. The tournament meets regulations for GM and IM norms. Zone 3. The event will be a 9 round swiss system tournament. There will be men's and women's events. The participents are: 1. Bahrein 1 woman and 1 man 2. Iran 3 women and 4 men 3.

Iraq 2 women and 2 men 4. Jordan 1 woman and 1 man 5. Kuwait 1 woman and 1 man 6. Lebanon 2 women and 2 men 7. Palestine 1 woman and 1 man 8. Qatar 2 women and 3 men 9. Syria 1 woman and 2 man UAE 1 woman and 1 man Yeman 1 woman and 1 man total 16 women and 18 men. Rapid tournament, Entry fee - RR.

Special prizes. Blitz tournament, Entry fee - 60 RR. Open "A". Entry fee in RR: - without Elo; - ; ; ; ; ; ; Special prizes for juniors, ladies, seniors, players without Elo. A participant may get not more than one prize. Opportunity to qualify for FIDE ratings and norms. Entry fee - RR for rated players, RR for unrated players. Open "C" for unrated players. Entry fee RR. Fax for A. Raetsky ph. See the new interview in the Times of India. Each event will have a minimum of 3 tournaments with chances to make GM and IM norms as well as getting an Elo rating.

Salou is a city km south of Barcelona. The first of these events will take place 7thth May Further details: prizes, accomodation, entry fees, etc.

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An announcement will be made in May of the full field. Alongside the super-tournament will be a computer match with a top player, other matches and an Open with participants. There is a new magazine for Colombian chess players.

Subjects include: Chess as an educational help Activities of the Colombian Chess Federation and its leagues. Information, tournaments, achievements, Elo, etc. Up date information both local and international. Local and international anecdotes. Chess problems for all levels, tests, etc. Preferred links. March 2nd-4th Plus: Special prizes for Juniors see camps.

Rays Roster & Staff

Nagy Laszlo, e-mail: firstsat elender. The tournament will again be a 10 player round-robin, at least category 12 is expected. Website address to follow. There is a new website in Pakistan called "Pakistan Chess Player" to promote chess in that region. I came across an interesting interview Kramnik gave in May It is called "Where have all the chess fans gone? You can see the results of the deliberations of the FIDE Problem Commission meeting last year which looked at the years , and Info David Llada. Journalists, publishers, organisers, arbiters and GMs who write on chess have voted for the last 30 years for the Chess Oscar.

Roshal revived the award after a seven year break. He will also give a simultaneous match against 20 distinguished opponents.

Peru: Fear for safety, Florinda Flores Linares | Amnesty International

This will take place 17thst April WGM Anna-Maria Botsari will attempt to break the record in simultaneous play held by the Chinese player Ye, in Kalavrita, as part of a chess festival that will take place 27thth February Ye's record stands at chessboards! Participation is free for all. The event is sponsored by J. Play will take place 13h30 until approximately 20h00 local time. Games will last up to one hour each. Rest days March 21st and 26th. This is the 3rd time the event has been held and is also the 14th Leon tournament. This was originally the idea of Garry Kasparov.

Players compete the help of a computer and a Database. There will be 4 games per day and the event is a knockout. Timerate: 20 minutes per player, with 10 or 15 seconds increment after every move. The four round match will have the top six players of each country facing each other in one game a day for four days.

In addition, two leading women players and two junior players under 18 from each country will compete each day.

Matchs en direct

Wednesday, March 14 Round 1; Thursday, March 15 Round 2; Friday, March 16 Day off with a round quick 5 minute games tournament with all the match competitors. The event which is sanctioned by the Chinese and US Chess Federations will be the first of four such events held annually alternately in the US and China.

Alexander Shabalov Mr.