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We have a dedicated site for Germany. These time-tested methods range from techniques for the successful growing of Arabidopsis to strategies for gene cloning. The sections on genetics, transformation, and gene expression analysis will be especially helpful to scientists involved in mutant analysis or in producing and analyzing transgenic plants. In many cases, the protocols can also be applied to other plant species, with minor adjustments.

Serving both experienced researchers and beginners in the field, Arabidopsis Protocols will immediately become the standard reference for laboratories working with Arabidopsis, the plant of choice to approach many fundamental questions in plant biology.

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Methods in Molecular Biology Free Preview. Show next edition. Buy eBook. Gilkey, J. Advances in ultrarapid freezing for the preservation of cellular ultrastructure. McDonald, K. High pressure freezing for preservation of high resolution fine structure and antigenicity for immunolabelling. Lonsdale, J. High pressure freezing and freeze substitution reveal new aspects of fine structure and maintain protein antigenicity in barley aleurone cells. Humbel, B. Freeze substitution. Cavalier, A. Giddings, T.

Arabidopsis Protocols | Jose J. Sanchez-Serrano | Springer

Freeze substitution protocols for improved visualization of membranes in high pressure frozen samples. Improved preservation of ultrasturcture in difficult-to-fix organisms by high pressure freezing and freeze substitution: I Drosophila melanogaster and Strongylocentrotus purpuratus embryos. Walker, M. The transcriptional regulator Leunig-Homolog regulates mucilage release from the Arabidopsis testa. Plant Phys. Brownfield, L. Molecular control of the glucan synthase-like protein NaGSL1 and callose synthesis during growth of Nicotiana alata tubes.

Wilson, S. Temporal and spatial appearance of wall polysaccharides during cellularization of barley Hordeum vulgare. Planta , — Read, S. Requirements for division of the generative nucleus in cultured pollen tubes of Nicotiana.

Arabidopsis Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology (Cloth))

Protoplasma , — Sato, T. Penetration and stainability of modified Sato's method in long-term storage. Electron Microsc. Coetzee, J. Extraction of substances during glutaraldehyde fixation of plant cells. Hawes, P. Rapid freeze substitution preserves membranes in high pressure frozen culture cells. Ashford, A. Temperature control in Lowicryl K4M and glycol methacrylates during polymerization: is there a low temperature embedding method? Brown, R. Ferguson, C. Location of cellulose and callose in pollen tubes and grains of Nicotiana tabacum.

Freeze substitution in 3 hrs or less. Galbraith, C.

Molecular Biology Techniques

Super-resolution microscopy at a glance. Download references. We acknowledge the support of many colleagues who have contributed to the refinement of these methods.

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