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When the ice melts: the catastrophe of vanishing glaciers

Some also argue that stringent environmental regulations infringe on individual liberty, and that the environmental impact of economic activity should be driven by the informed choices of consumers. Regulatory proponents argue that the economy is not a zero-sum game, and that individual choices have proven insufficient to prevent damaging and costly levels of global warming.

Future Urban Climates

Some states have financed programs to boost employment in green energy industries, such as production of wind turbines. Areas heavily dependent on coal production have not taken such steps and are suffering economic recession due to both competition from now lower-priced natural gas and environmental rules that make generation of electricity from coal disadvantageous due to high emissions of CO 2 and other pollutants compared to other fuels.


The United States, although a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol , under President Clinton, neither ratified nor withdrew from the protocol. In , the U. Senate voted unanimously under the Byrd—Hagel Resolution that it was not the sense of the senate that the United States should be a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, and in March , the Bush Administration announced that it would not implement the treaty, saying it would create economic setbacks in the U.

The intensity of greenhouse gasses specifically is the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions and economic output, meaning that under this plan, emissions would still continue to grow, but at a slower pace. Bush stated that this plan would prevent the release of million metric tons of greenhouse gases, which is about the equivalent of 70 million cars from the road.

This target would achieve this goal by providing tax credits to businesses that use renewable energy sources.

Supreme Court ruled in the case Massachusetts v. President Barack Obama proposed a cap-and-trade program as part of the United States federal budget , but this was never adopted by Congress. Just over half of this decrease has been attributed to the recession, and the rest to a variety of factors such as replacing coal-based power generation with natural gas and increasing energy efficiency of American vehicles according to a Council of Economic Advisors analysis. That year, Executive Order set requirements for federal operations generally.

North America: Climate Change Impacts |

In an address to the U. After not participating in previous climate international treaties, the United States signed the Paris Agreement on April 22, during the Obama administration. Though this agreement does not mandate a specific reduction for any given country, it sets global goals, asks countries to set their own goals, and mandates reporting. This is to be accomplished by several executive actions: [48]. The US military is an unequivocal validator of climate science, and its current efforts to value true costs and benefits of energy conservation and increased use of renewables can serve as drivers of change, according to a study from the University of Pennsylvania Legal Studies Department.

Across the country, regional organizations, states , and cities are achieving real emissions reductions and gaining valuable policy experience as they take action on climate change.

Headlines at 8:30: Climate change will affect North American birds

These actions include increasing renewable energy generation, selling agricultural carbon sequestration credits, and encouraging efficient energy use. Climate Change Science Program is a joint program of over twenty U. In June , a report issued by the program stated that weather would become more extreme, due to climate change. This has been especially true with environmental regulation—most federal environmental laws have been based on state models. In addition, state actions can significantly affect emissions, because many individual states emit high levels of greenhouse gases.

Texas, for example, emits more than France, while California's emissions exceed those of Brazil. Increasing floods, heat waves, and droughts have brought economical problems to farmers business and increased product prices. There is a growing body of academic literature that explores the potential for greenhouse emissions related liability.

Also in , U. In August , the Exchange announced a mechanism to create emission offsets for projects within the United States that cleanly destroy ozone -depleting substances. Many colleges and universities have taken steps in recent years to offset or curb their greenhouse gas emissions in relation to campus activities. On October 5, , New York University announced that it plans to purchase million kilowatt hours of wind power, more wind power than any college or university in the country.

At least three US high schools have objected to mention of climate change in graduation speeches by students. Historical support for environmental protection has been relatively non-partisan. Roosevelt established the Soil Conservation Service. This non-partisanship began to change during the s when the Reagan administration stated that environmental protection was an economic burden.

Views over global warming began to seriously diverge among Democrats and Republicans when ratifying the Kyoto Protocol was being debated in Gaps in opinions among the general public are often amplified among the political elites , such as members of Congress, who tend to be more polarized. Beyond politicians, there is a variety of views by each political party. Political disagreement is also strongly rooted in our potential solutions to addressing climate change. Strategies such as a Cap and Trade system are still a heated argument.

On January 20, , within moments of Donald Trump's inauguration, all references to climate change were removed from the White House website.

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In early indications to news media of the first federal budget process under Donald Trump's administration, there are signs that most efforts under the Obama administration to curb U. In it was the prediction that on our current course the planet will warm a disastrous seven degrees Fahrenheit or about 3. Since , the U. Global Change Research Program has issued Our Changing Planet , an annual report summarizing "recent achievements, near term plans, and progress in implementing long term goals.

Measurement and modeling of climate systems have both improved dramatically in the last three decades, with measurements providing the hard data to calibrate the simulations, which in turn lead to improved understanding of the various systems and feedbacks and indicate areas where more and more detailed observations are needed.

Extreme Weather Linked to Climate Change?

Recent developments in ensemble methods have improved understanding of and reduced uncertainty in hydrologic forcing by incoming radiation, particularly in areas with a complex topology. Multiple complementary model-validated proxy reconstructions indicate that recent warmth in the northern hemisphere is anomalous over at least the last years; using tree ring data, this conclusion can be extended somewhat less certainly to at least years. Improved measurement and analysis techniques have reconciled certain discrepancies between observed and projected trends in tropical surface and tropospheric temperatures: corrected buoy and satellite surface temperatures are slightly cooler and corrected satellite and radiosonde measurements of the tropical troposphere are slightly warmer.

Various forcing factors, including greenhouse gases , land cover change, volcanoes , air pollution and aerosols , and solar variability , have far ranging effects throughout the coupled ocean-atmosphere-land climate system. In the short term, effects from ozone , black carbon , organic carbon , and sulfate on radiative forcing are predicted to nearly cancel, but long-term projections of changing emissions patterns indicate that the warming effect of black carbon will outweigh the cooling effect of sulphates.

Human activities influence climate and related systems through, among other mechanisms, land usage, water management, and earlier and more significant melting of snow cover due to greenhouse-effect warming. In this region, conversion of abandoned farmland to pine forests is projected to have a slight surface cooling effect, with evapotranspiration outweighing decreased albedo. NOAA stated that the odds of the July to June high temperatures occurring randomly was 1 in 1,, From through , there have been 27 cold waves which totaled 58 days.

Between and , there were about 12 such events. From until January 6, , there were none. The one on the latter date caused consternation because of decreased frequency of such experiences. Alaska has seen effects of global warming. It is therefore important for us to act in a manner prudent to our survival and encourage others to act with prudence as well. As an island Territory, we are directly and immediately impacted by global climate change.

The implications of increased global temperatures put our very survival at risk. California has taken legislative steps towards reducing the possible effects climate change by incentives and plans for clean cars , renewable energy and stringent caps on big polluting industries. The legislation grants the Air Resource Board extraordinary powers to set policies, draw up regulations, lead the enforcement effort, levy fines and fees to finance it and punish violators. The technical and regulatory requirements are far reaching.

Some of this sweeping regulation is being challenged in the courts. In California, authorities have predicted that the shortage of rain will increase the duration of the fire season, and result in larger fires. Half of the most destructive fires in recorded California history have occurred since Climate change and intensifying droughts are drying out landscapes.

Pests, such as the mountain pine beetle , have killed off stands of trees. Colorado may be facing a shrinking ski season and an impaired agriculture industry. Miami has been making attempts to mitigate the effects of global warming and associated sea level rise.

Environmental Protection Agency says the following about climate change in Guam :. The air and ocean are warming, sea level is rising, and the ocean is becoming more acidic. Idaho emits the least carbon dioxide per person of the United States, less than 23, pounds a year. Idaho forbids coal-power plants.

It relies mostly on nonpolluting hydroelectric power from its rivers. Over the next century, climate in Idaho could experience additional changes. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has recently signed into law three global warming and energy-related bills that will promote advanced biofuels , support the growth of the clean energy technology industry, and cut the emissions of greenhouse gases within the state.

The act also requires all diesel motor fuels and all No. Global warming projects to have a greater influence on average annual temperatures in the central and eastern Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula, with lesser effect in the summer than in the winter. Rainfall events will be larger with greater chance of flooding, but consecutive dry days will also become longer series.

The growing season will lengthen.

Michigan will have more intense algae blooms in its waters that will pose a threat to drinking water. Lengthening growing seasons could be offset with more exposure to crop pests, more intense storms will result in soil erosion, and increased heat and more severe rainstorms could endanger such infrastructure as highways. Ozone pollution will become more severe and pose greater risks to vunerable people in hotter summers.

Although rainfall will be more intense, droughts will be longer. Milder winters imply lesser snowpacks that protect tree roots from frost and losses of soil moisture.

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Many bird species will disappear, and cold-to-cool-water species of fish such as trout and salmon will give way to more subtropical fish such as catfish.