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The story starts with the salad course, and by dessert, you're tired of the set up and wish he'd just get George Levine, literary critic and author of Darwin and the Novelists, attempts to answer the question of the lack of meaning of life after god is replaced by nature red in tooth and claw. George Levine.

Book Darwin Loves You Natural Selection And The Re Enchantment Of The World

The entire family is numb, staring at their plate, paralyzed by boredom? This is that uncle. I was unable to make it past the first chapter, where he managed to repeat himself pretty much every paragraph, making the same point over and over and saying next to nothing except that Darwin could bring enchantment back into the world - secular enchantment. This after getting so incredibly wrong the fact of how evolution happens - his statement that the individual evolves, not the species, is the sort of ignorance and misunderstanding you sort of learn to expect when English professors try to write about science, apparently without consulting scientists on the topic, since no scientist worth their salt would let that stand.

Too sad, because the direction he was heading, I suspect I might have agreed with his premise, but I just couldn't stomach the tedium. Levine claims that it is in nature that re-enchants our disenchanted lives and Darwin shows this in his writing. Levine's prose is beautiful, easy-to-follow and funny. An intelligent reader can easily follow his line of argument. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising.

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Medallions of fish symbolizing Jesus are answered by ones of amphibians stamped "Darwin," and stickers proclaiming "Jesus Loves You" are countered by "Darwin Loves You. In fact, he argues, we can read it straight. Darwin, Levine shows, saw a world from which his theory had banished transcendence as still lovable and enchanted, and we can see it like tha.

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Very good, if a little redundant. Written a little like a thesis paper, and with long sentences, it seems like it should be boring, but it is not.

The Charms of Nature: Darwin on Meaning and Value | SpringerLink

It's not a happy-go-lucky book about how pretty the world is, but it shows how "thick with value" Darwin saw the world. I put this book on my to-read list about 8 years ago when I was becoming agnostic and going through a depression.

I was too afraid to read it then, but now after my second depression I felt it was time. I'm not sure it was exactly wh Very good, if a little redundant. I'm not sure it was exactly what I was looking for, but maybe it was.

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Things might not be as I thought they were when I was Catholic, but the world is still awe inspiring and people are still social creatures and there is still plenty for me to love and get excited about. Apr 13, Steve Wiggins rated it liked it. An interesting introspective on what Darwin has to offer everyone. I am a believer in evolution, but I didn't find much re-enchantment here. It is, however, a worthy attempt to show that Darwin was right and we must learn to live with it. See also: Sects and Violence in the Ancient World.

Darwin Loves You: Natural Selection and the Re-enchantment of the World

Aug 29, Win Dunwell is currently reading it. Excellent, thought provoking, but I keep setting it down to read something else then pick it up read a few pages only to set it down again. Kyle Murray rated it it was amazing Mar 08, Ivo Silvestro rated it really liked it Aug 07, R F rated it it was ok Jan 22, Nikki Haug rated it really liked it Jan 02, Bridget rated it liked it Feb 27, Christen rated it really liked it Jan 23, Dan Wong rated it really liked it Jan 03, Kathy Kattenburg rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Teri rated it liked it Apr 03, Josiah M rated it really liked it Aug 08, Devin Van rated it liked it Dec 20, Iain Bauer rated it it was ok May 14, Denis rated it liked it May 24, Peter marked it as to-read Jan 04,