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Huawei in Harmony with new distributed operating system. Details Editor 10 August In explaining the design rationale for the new HarmonyOS, the company said that it was entering a day and age where people expect a holistic intelligent experience across all devices and scenarios.

Huawei added that the launch also breaks new ground for the mobile industry.

The CHORUS Distributed Operating System: Some Design Issues

It noted that traditionally new operating systems have been released alongside new types of devices. Thus Huawei said that it began exploring how it might deliver this experience, one it asserts would transcend the boundaries of physical space and span different hardware and platforms.

HarmonyOS will see initial deployment in smart devices like smart watches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, and smart speakers. Through this implementation Huawei aims to establish an integrated and shared ecosystem across devices, create a secure and reliable runtime environment, and deliver a holistic intelligent experience across every interaction with every device.

The Clouds distributed operating system - Semantic Scholar

The new OS will aim to address underperformance challenges with what a Huawei calls a deterministic latency engine and high-performance inter process communication IPC. Abrossimov and F.

Armand and I. Boule and M.


Gien and M. Guillemont and F.

distributed systems - operating system -

Herrmann and C. Kaiser and S.

Notes on Distributed Operating Systems

Langlois and P. The CHORUS technology has been designed for building new generations of open, distributed, scalable operating systems. CHORUS has the following main characteristics: a communication-based architecture, relying on a minimal Nucleus which integrates distributed processing and communication at the lowest level, and which implements generic services used by a set of subsystem servers to extend standard operating system interfaces. A UNIX subsystem has been developed; other subsystems such as objectoriented systems are planned; a real-time Nucleus providing real-time services which are accessible to system programmers; a modular architecture providing scalability, and allowing, in particular, dynamic configuration of the system and its applications over a wide range of hardware and network configurations, including parallel and multiprocessor systems.

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