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In that case the higher values of the activation energy of the conversion process induce a much higher sensitivity to the elaborate temperature fluctuations of the flow field. More recently, numerical simulations have allowed to model the unsteady bidimensional model of a detonation. The following papers could be referred to for more details about this approach of the gaseous detonations : - J. ORAN, K.

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Radium Paris J. Radium J. Colloques J. Paris J. Physique Lett. I France J.


II France J. III France J. IV France Current journals. Issue J. Rotating detonation wave propulsion: experimental challenges, modeling, and engine concepts [Lu, FrankK, Braun, EricM. Airbreathing rotating detonation wave engine cycle analysis [Braun, EricM. Design and testing of an external drag balance for a hypersonic shock tunnel [Vadassery, P. Force measurements on a NACA wingtip at mach 0. Cross-wavelet techniques for estimating uncertainty in propagating shocks and detonations [Lu, FrankK, Ortiz, A.

On thermodynamic cycles for detonation engines [Vutthivithayarak, R. Control of the radial motion of a self-propelled microboat through a side rudder [Qiao, L.

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Examination of the various cycles for pulse detonation engines [Vutthivithayarak, R. Experiences in testing of a large-scale, liquid-fueled, air-breathing, pulse detonation engine [Carter, J. David, Lu, FrankK]. New seeding and surface treatment methods for Particle image velocimetry [Pierce, AdamJ. Detonation—turbulence interaction [Massa, Luca, Chauhan, M.

David, Wilson, DonaldR].

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The role of the induction zone on the detonation—turbulence linear interaction [Massa, Luca, Lu, FrankK]. Detonation engine performance comparison using first and second law analyses [Braun, EricM. New developments in surface oil flow visualization [Pierce, AdamJ. Testing of a continuous detonation wave engine with swirled injection [Braun, EricM. Correlation and spectral methods for determining uncertainty in propagating discontinuities [Ortiz, A.

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  8. Albert, Lu, FrankK]. Surface oil flow visualization [Lu, FrankK]. Editorial [Lu, FrankK]. Practical methods for reducing the deflagration-to-detonation transition length for pulse detonation engines [Panicker, PhilipK.

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    Viscous attenuation of a detonation wave propagating in a channel [Ravindran, P. Electromagnetic boundary layer flow control facility development using conductive particle seeding [Braun, EricM. Visualizing the flow induced by an air curtain over a mannequin using stereo particle image velocimetry [Lu, FrankK, Fernandes, JohnE.

    1 17 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I 17 Flight mechanics lecture 1 Introduction

    Numerical modelling of oblique shock and detonation waves induced in a wedged channel [Fan, H. Numerical simulation of detonation processes in a variable cross-section chamber [Fan, H.


    Introducing modern laboratory experiences to mechanical and aerospace engineering students [Lu, FrankK, Panicker, PhilipK. Practical issues in ground testing of pulsed detonation engines [Panicker, PhilipK. Application of pulsed detonation engine for electric power generation [Panicker, PhilipK. Operational issues affecting the practical implementation of pulsed detonation engines [Panicker, PhilipK. Shock wave impact on weak concrete [John, A.

    Blast wave attenuation by lightly destructible granular materials [Golub, V.

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    8. Comparison of detonation processes in a variable cross section chamber and a simple tube [Fan, H. Performance of a shock tube with a large-area contraction [Emanuel, George, Satyanand, U. Uncertainty analysis of deflagration-to-detonation run-up distance [Li, J.