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Works on Apple, Google, Android, Microsoft, or any other device as well. Also, this comes in handy when you want to quickly read the instructions on how to do any of the exercises or drills without having to use a device. This is a no-brainer, slam dunk for me to guarantee. Guarantee 2: Someone will take notice of your new found distance and make a comment about how far you are bombing your drives. It will rocket down the fairway like never before.

Here's what you'll get access to in just a few moments...

Watch the look on your playing partners face. Guarantee 4: If none of that happens I insist that you cancel your order by sending me an email at support golfbodyrx. Order now to get your free gifts and your Day preview. You can cancel it at the end of your day preview and owe nothing. Your free gifts are yours to keep no matter what as our thanks for previewing the Golf Body Rx 28 Yards In 28 Days program.

As I mentioned, my name is Benjamin Arnold. Now, if you pay any attention to the world of golf, you'll know TPI — the Titleist Performance Institute — is the gold standard when it comes to golf fitness instruction. Butch Harmon put it best when he said: "If you're in the business of coaching, physically training or medically evaluating golfers, TPI Certification should be mandatory.

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The expertise I gained through TPI, along with my own medical background, has allowed me to help players of all ages and abilities — including many up in their 60s, 70s, and 80s — to reclaim their fitness, while adding power to their swings and yards to their drives. I'm in my fifties, and need more flexibility and also could shed some pounds.

I love golf and would like to be confident and play for many years to come.


I am 63, in good physical condition. Since retiring I am playing more golf. I am noticing that my body is stiff and sore, unable to perform the golf swing properly on a consistent basis. I am wanting to improve my "golf health" so I can enjoy the game I love so much in my retirement! In this process I am also hoping to see an improvement in my game also, by being able to "shorten the golf course" through increased length off the tee. I was looking for an exercise program so I wouldn't be so stiff when playing golf and get a little more distance.

And two other scope surgeries to get rid of scar tissue. Torn ligaments three in my right ankle.

Back issues and most recently a broken middle finger on the left hand. I need a program that gets my core stronger for work and golf but also helps with my compensation for all these injuries. I bought this program because, at 80 years old, I don't want to have to lay from the forward tees. I have muscle soreness and pain in my hip and mid back that I would like to manage. One is to get back in shape, second try to gain back some of my yardage of the tee.

A little of the science behind your swing.

3 Must Do Exercises To Improve Your Golf Game

Everything you need to improve your game, feel great, and play with confidence, customized just for you. Most golfers see major results in as little as one month. Take control of your golf game by purchasing the program. You then will be guided through the sign up process. Choose three days per week to commit to workout. Follow along with each 45 min workout, which includes a warm up and cool down. Feel great, play great, beat your friends. Easy to follow. Custom workouts made just for you. No equipment needed.

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App and desktop access. Now its time to invest in yourself.

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Will Physical Fitness Improve My Golf? | Golf Loopy - Play Your Golf Like a Champion

Is it worth it? For sure! A former PGA tour player increased his club head speed by 13mph through my program. That is why I have created an online golf fitness program. In fact, a fitness regimen that focuses on your mobility and stability can significantly reverse many of the adverse effects of ageing.

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Physical fitness is important for any golfer who wants to avoid injury, hit the ball more accurately and consistently, lower their scores, feel better and have more fun, and yes, hit the ball further! An effective golf-specific fitness regimen needs to work on your mobility, stability, balance, body-awareness, muscle control, strength, and power. It must give you the endurance that you need to perform at your best for 18 holes of golf or more, every time you go out on the course. And it needs to do all of this while focussing on the muscles, joints, and connective tissues that directly affect the accuracy, distance, and consistency of your golf shots.

Play Better, Play Without Pain, Play Longer, Enjoy the Game More

It works hand-in-glove with the Swing like a Champion system to build and enable a truly great golf swing. Together, they form a total golf performance improvement programme. The Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System provides complete exercise programmes suited to every level of golfer, and to every aspiration. It will also enable you to play for longer and have more fun! What would you think if we promised you that you will drive the ball as much as an extra 60 yards?

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