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We deepen our awareness of our inner worlds, and in the process, we transform our relationships with ourselves and with each other. I am available to do child and youth psychological assessments. I can see young adults up to about 25 years old for autism or learning disability assessments. I do not take on long-term therapy clients, but I can do short term concussion management as well. Erin Farley Counsellor , M. You know your story. I provide support as you bring your skills and expertise to the pursuit of growth and solutions.

I have worked in the mental health field for over 18 years. I am trained in providing treatment for depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessions and compulsions OCD and trauma. My approach is to be curious, get to know you, explore what is happening for you and your goals.

I bring a blend of compassion, challenge and activation in supporting your growth. I can be wherever you are! No need for excuses, driving, obstacles or procrastination. Hassle-free help! Feeling stuck, tired or ill? Maybe your job is stealing your vitality and you dream of finding your life's purpose?

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Perhaps it's your primary relationship? Are you lonely, yet in a couple that has lost it's zing? Seeking your soul mate? Divorce looming? Are you finding it harder to face day to day tasks -- from relating to others to handling parenting? Wait no more. I offer calmness when things feel chaotic. Whatever challenges you are facing, you don't have to do it alone.

You can count on a comfortable and compassionate space to express what is happening for you in your life and I, in turn, will offer you guidance in exploring those areas of deepest concern.

My intention is that you will gain awareness and clarity that lead to the discovery of your inner capacities in moving through life's rough patches. I believe that each individual has the innate capacity for growth and change and an ability to heal. I am experienced and skilled at helping clients deal with grief and loss, life transitions, anxiety and depression, trauma, and relationship challenges. My compassionate and collaborative approach helps clients recognize their strengths, gain insight into the circumstances of their lives, and find new and creative solutions to their problems.

Sometimes mental health issues can get in the way of having good relationships, attending work or school, or being social. I believe that everyone has potential to address these difficulties in a way that helps them deal with problems now, and also learn to get through them in the future. I provide non-judgmental services that are the most up-to-date and backed by research. I am excited to work with you to reach your personal goals for living your best life. The good new is we don't have to, and you have taken the first step.

I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgemental counselling environment. Let's work together to identify your strengths and discover new ways to better manage powerful feelings and life circumstances. Compassionate professional who focuses on the unique strengths of each person. Lucia's aim is to help each one to express their needs, feelings or difficulties through Cognitive-behavioural therapy, Art therapy and play-based directives. Systemic work with families: parents are provided with co-regulation strategies to help their children with emotional regulation.

Children are offered cognitive and creative strategies to manage their feelings. Sarah Sinray Counsellor , BSc. My approach is flexible depending on the needs of the individual. I work to understand the world from your perspective. I believe in the potential for humans to change, and I will hold hope for your lessening of suffering even when you become distant from it.

We will look at how to manage difficult emotions, commit to what is important to you in your life, and work towards creating that. Self-compassion is a frequent focus of the work we would do together. One of my specialties is teaching mindfulness to groups and individuals. Maybe you feel easily triggered, constantly wired or unable to relax?

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Or maybe you've started to avoid or procrastinate on activities that are important to you. Do you have the feeling that something terrible is going to happen?

Maybe you have felt this way for a long time - maybe as long as you can remember or maybe you can pinpoint the beginning. Maybe you've tried various fixes, but on the whole they haven't worked in the long term.

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I hope to create a safe container for your inner work with my grounding, compassionate, intuitive and easygoing presence. I practice powerful and efficient healing modalities that enable deep and lasting transformation to occur. We go beyond the level of talking to studying your direct experience in the moment with curiosity and compassion. I aim to help you be with what you could not fully be with before so you become more whole and can step more freely into the life that awaits you.

If you would like to be on my wait list for September feel free to send me an e-mail. Warm regards, Jill.

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My genuine, caring and compassionate approach, along with my lighthearted sense of humor, are instrumental in establishing an empowering and safe relationship with my clients. I work with people of all ages who face challenges which impede their ability to live full and meaningful lives. Roger John Counsellor , M.

In particular, he was able to beat at least once each of the first four world champions, a feat shared with Siegbert Tarrasch alone. Janowski played very quickly and was known as a sharp tactician who was devastating with the bishop pair. Capablanca annotated some Janowski games with great admiration, and said, "when in form [he] is one of the most feared opponents who can exist". Capablanca noted that Janowski's greatest weakness as a player was in the endgame , and Janowski reportedly told him, "I detest the endgame.

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In "Marshall's Best Games of Chess" he wrote that Janowski "could follow the wrong path with greater determination than any man I ever met! Fine said that his losses invariably occurred because it was too hot, or too cold, or the windows were open too far, or not far enough. He also noted that Janowski was sometimes unpopular with his colleagues because of his predilection for doggedly playing on even in an obviously lost position, hoping his opponent might blunder.

The longer match has sometimes been called a world championship match, [2] but research by Edward Winter indicates that the title was not at stake. He, as well as Alexander Alekhine , was interned but released to Switzerland after a short internment. He died in France on 15 January of tuberculosis. The Janowski Indian Defense is named after him.