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The Spiritual Path and the Rays. The Tibetans Group of Disciples. Initiation and the Rays. The Seven Rays. To Serve. In this age of gurus and masters and teachers, I think it's important to realize that there are truly those who have mastered time and space and who have followed the disciplines of the path of the Christ and the Buddha and who have become one with the eternal light. These Masters are called the Ascended Masters because they have reunited with God in the ritual of the ascension. The ascension is merely the acceleration of the vibratory rate of the electrons and the actual nuclei of the atoms of being until the vibration is so intensified that the individual actually disappears from the sight or the visible spectrum of the disciples.

We are evolving on a very fine line of a spectrum. We know that there are sounds we cannot hear because they are beyond our spectrum. We know that there are manifestations we cannot see that are photographed in Kirlian photography. We sense the presence of an aura but we cannot see the aura.

Introduction to the Seven Rays

Jesus was not the only son of God who ascended into the white fire core or the central sun of being. There have been many sons and daughters of God both before and after his birth who have attained to this oneness. These sons and daughters of God are our brothers and sisters on the Path.

They are not exceptions to the rule but they are the personification of the rule, or the Logos, or the Word of God itself. They have had the same resources that we have—a threefold flame of the Trinity within the heart; a Real Self, who is the anointed one, the Christ, the Buddha; and an I AM Presence, whom Moses saw in the bush that burned but was not consumed. These ascended masters have become authorities through their own disciplines and through following one of the rays of God they have become the Chohan, or the Lord, of that ray. They stand as the way-showers, or the teachers, who show their disciples the path back to the center of their own being through that particular ray.

El Morya explains in his book The Chela and the Path :. And so as Chohan of the First Ray, I teach the law of the will of God and the mastery of energy through the throat chakra in the science of the spoken Word. Lord Lanto, the Master of Wisdom who taught wisdom's way in ancient China, teaches the path of attainment through enlightenment , definition and dominion in the crown chakra. You see, the crown chakra is the center for the mind of God even as the throat chakra is the center of the will of God.

These Chohans, as Lords of the rays, guide us in the mastery of each of the seven rays through each of the seven chakras. The Chohan of the Fourth Ray is the Master Serapis Bey —a Spartan if I ever saw one -whose fiery determination has saved many a soul from the mush of self-indulgence. His chelas reflect the fierceness of their Master as they are immovable in their dedication to purity focused as the Mother light in the base-of-the-spine chakra. The masters of India teach that this base chakra is the focal point for the Goddess Kundalini and the raising of the energies through the other chakras.

It is Serapis Bey who teaches us this discipline.

21. The Masters Of The Seven Rays

And within that form, life has evolved as we see it today. When we look at the big picture along these lines, there appears to be no intended purpose. If there was, who intended it? Where did that creator come from and who created the creator?

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No, to me, life sprang into form spontaneously because it was inevitable, given an infinite array of time. But there still is sense of purpose which most people feel. Why is that? Sense of purpose arises from the pull back to the source of life itself. Separation Consciousness has subdivided and condensed into multiplicity of form.

But each fractal of materiality is infused with the impetus for increasing sense of unity. It is a pull back to ever higher degrees of unity and oneness, which manifests as a yearning to fully express the memory of the original condition of absolute oneness. This is what defines and shapes the soul within each of us.

The soul is an inherent divine sense of purpose, direction and destiny, which when we align with, fulfills all our true desires and needs. This interplay of the multiplicity of separated form and action, yet infused with the pull to higher sense of unity, defines every thought, emotion and action that takes place both in the macrocosym of the universe and the microcosym of our daily lives.

All our choices are defined by this simple underlying dynamic. To me, all of form and creative action is caused by this Relativity which Einstein so eloquently introduced. In our daily lives it is witnessed in the struggle within each person to overcome personality distortions causing us to make choices which are not at one with our soul. Until we are enlightened, we all have distortions. These are attachments to material phenomena or experiences, the attachment to relationships, to looking good, feeling good, being successful, being loved etc etc.

It's where we identify and get stuck within the Separation Consciousness.

We allow ourselves to be defined by that sense of limitation. We have temporarily at least, taken on a false self identity - ego - within the free flowing nature of the universe. We've become trapped by the illusion, temptation and seduction of separated form.

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The soul, which is spontaneous and interrelated with the entirety of the universe has been duped into accepting itself as less. Hence the inner struggle to find realignment - Enlightenment - such that this repressed inner harmony can once more arise. In order to find this internal realignment, we have to recognise the contradictory flows of consciousness within. So every natural impulse will likely be distorted in some form or another. Eddy currents of attachment are created which trap the soul into them.

These eddy currents - or distortions - arise from the conditioning of our upbringing and society. They emanate from fixed beliefs, ideas, dogmas and repetitive ways of doing things.

In every moment of life, we are invited to make choices. If we examine the patterns the choices fall into, we will notice each one invites us to express either our distortions or gifts of beingness at the heart of the distortions.

The Seven Rays of God, the Light of the Soul

The distortions cause us to express our separation from unity consciousness and on the other hand, our gifts cause us to reunite both ourselves and others with the "absolute" - the Void of Silence. It's like we're either making choices based on control and limitation or instead, absolute freedom of unbridled authentic expression. Since flowing towards the absolute is our divine destiny, we achieve much greater internal harmony and sense of completeness if we express our gifts rather than the distortions.

If we begin to recognise this dynamic in our lives and apply ourselves with commitment, perseverance and core splitting honesty to always express our highest truth as defined by the inherent gifts, then over time, the distortions - our conditioned behaviours - dissolve and the soul is liberated within us to express the absolute completeness it is.

In other words we become enlightened. To me, successful living means aligning with the universal flow, having it course unhindered through me and thereby allowing it to animate my being with unbridled freedom of self expression. I recognise this as an enlightened life, permanently allowing freedom of natural expression to flow unhindered through me.

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Identity which constricts and limits is continually confronted and peeled away. There is the natural alignment with the higher sense of unity and purpose. In attaining this state of being, my attention was brought consistently to the underlying nature and gifts of beingness of the soul concealed within the thoughts and emotions of the moment, defined within the choices we tend to make. Either we're giving into conditioned distortions or we're expanding through these and unleashing the radiance of the soul.

It's what defines the spiritual path. On my journey of Enlightenment, I discovered that if in any distortion, where I got fearful, tense, tight or worried, or if I was wanting something I apparently lacked, then if I could find the underlying authentic beingness trapped within these distortions and express those instead, then the veils of limitation would peel way leaving the authentic expression to shine forth.

Furthermore, each time I applied myself to life in this way, I discovered that I kept dropping into the void of pure presence - the infinite source from which life has arisen. I experience it as the continual taste of pure, unadulterated heaven! So knowing the characteristics of the soul - of beingness - can greatly help to align with our destined journey through life, restoring inner peace, contentment, harmony, fulfillment and simple joy of living.

In sharing them here below, I hasten to add that they are my own personal experiences from my own journey. However, I have witnessed very similar in the others that I have worked with and helped facilitate.

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