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If you are a teacher of young children you will know how difficult it can be to plan activities for encouraging language development as most of it happens naturally through play and can be hard to measure or record, without sitting nearby with a notebook or dictaphone both of which we have done at school! So, by simply annotating sticker scenes like this with the exact words spoken by the child, it becomes a wonderfully simple way to record and track language development and to illustrate the first signs of storytelling abilities.

Cakie is 32 months now and is not yet telling stories, but if you can see some of the ways she has described these scenes you can just see that she is beginning to understand how to describe with longer sentences, key details and some descriptive language. If I compare this to our Toddler Mind Maps be sure to read about these if you missed this post!

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  • I am storing these in a plastic document wallet and adding them in chronological order. She loves flicking through her picture book and talks about what she has done, adding another bonus of language development to the activity- recount!

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    As she gets older, she will be able to draw her own pictures and make her own stories and books. This is the stepping stone on the way to that future step in development. I love these and your stickers just wondering where did you buy your stickers I cant seem to find any as good as the ones you use. Love this idea thank you! Love your blog…you have so many great ideas! My little guy is also 32 months old, so will give this a go and see how he enjoys it.


    I had originally wanted to help him create his own little book, but he wanted to make one story on a big piece of paper, so we went with that. As he placed the stickers, he dictated the story to me to write. If I gave him this activity in the car, he would just tell me the story out loud as he placed the stickers. I came up with this idea because we have several large sticker books.

    Those pages seem to linger.

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    I wanted to find a way to make those stickers fun again. We cut the stickers off of their pages before placing them inside our sticker story bag.