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Chemical Behavior of The Element 1. Biological Activity 1. Analytical Determination Chapter 2. Compounds of Ge I 2. Monohalides Chapter 3. Compounds of Ge II 3. Dihydride, GeH2 "Polygermene" 3. Germanium Difluoride, GeF2 3. Germanium Bichloride, GeCl2 3. Germanium Dibromide, GeBr2 3.

Germanium Diiodide, GeI2 3. Germanium Monoxide, GeO 3. Germanium Monosulfide, Ges 3. Germanium II Selenide and Telluride 3.

The chemistry of organic germanium, tin and lead compounds - PDF Free Download

Germanium II Imide and Nitride 3. Compounds of Ge IV 5. Germanium IV Hydrides 5. Germanium IV Halides 5. Germanium IV Chalcogenides 5. Organogermanium Compounds 6.

General 6. Preparative Methods 6. Organogermanium Hydrides 6. Organogermanium Halides 6. Organogermanium Oxides 6. Organofunctional Organogermanium Compounds 6. Other Organogermanium Compounds Chapter 7. Complexes of Germanium IV 7. Fluorogermanates and Chlorogermanates 7. Historical 1. Occurrence and Distribution 1.

Extraction 1. Industrial and Commercial Utilization of Tin 1.

The Chemistry of Organic Germanium Tin and Lead Compounds Vol-1-1995-Patai

Allotropes of Tin 1. Isotopes of Tin 1. Chemical Properties of Tin Metal 1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 1.

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Compounds 2. Alloys 2. Tin II Bonding 2.

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Tin IV Bonding 2. Organometallic Compounds 2. Hydrides 2. Oxides and Oxygen Compounds 2. Tin Salts of Inorganic Oxy-Acids 2. Chalcogen Compounds 2. Halogeno Compounds 2. Pseudohalogen Compounds 2. Lead Metal 1. Isotopes 1. The Chemistry of Anilines, Part 1. Request permission to reuse content from this site. Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups. Undetected location. NO YES.

Home Subjects Chemistry Organic Chemistry. Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. Organic compounds of Ge, Sn, and Pb have many properties that can be useful for such things as microbiocides, pesticides, anticancer treatments, octane number enhancers, and anti-foaming agents.

This supplementary volume covers the most recent advances in the fields of photochemistry and structural chemistry. The authors also discuss the complex formation of these compounds. Written by key researchers in the field A supplement to The Chemistry of Organic Germanium Provides organic chemists with an invaluable reference source.

What is GERMANIUM? What does GERMANIUM mean? GERMANIUM meaning, definition & explanation

Professor Saul Patai founded the Patai Series. Permissions Request permission to reuse content from this site. Table of contents Genesis and evolution of the chemistry of organogermanium, orgnotin and organolead compounds Mikhail G. Voronkov and Klavdiya A.