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But Gertrude rewrote the book in — shortened, more concise, and with a vocabulary reduced to words — and that book was a worldwide bestseller, and has been in print ever since. Gertrude and her sister Frances wrote other books now and then.

After retirement, Gertrude revived the 'Boxcar Children' book series and wrote 18 more books from to Canada produced an animated feature film in , and a new deal struck in plans three animated feature films for release starting in Illustrated by Dorothy Lake Gregory The four Alder children are orphaned and run away rather than be sent to an orphanage or be split up; they find refuge in an abandoned railroad boxcar, the oldest finds work in town, and they settle in to a secretive life hiding from their grandfather.

Illustrated by L.

The Disappearing Staircase Mystery

Four plucky orphan children seeking shelter discover an abandoned red railroad boxcar and make it their secret home. Simmons, Audrey Wasilewski, D. Sweeney; won Best Animated Feature at St.

The Aldens are helping the Heart and Hands group restore an old estate. The house is bursting with collections of its mysterious and eccentric former owner.

"The Ghost in the First Row (Boxcar Children #112)" by Gertrude Chandler Warner

But when the contents of the house are auctioned off, the Aldens discover that much of the collection is missing! And that's not the only mystery awaiting the Aldens in this strange mansion. | Boxcar Children Series

As the children explore, they come across hidden rooms, secret passageways, and strange noises coming from the walls. The Aldens are determined to learn the secret of the Bugbee house.

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Show sample text content. Jessie put her finger up to her lips so no one would speak. A couple of minutes later, the children heard a springy sound, followed by a faint thud, then another springy sound. Some footsteps came close to the bathroom where the children were hiding.

Boxcar Children

The door opened. A dim light swept over the bathroom. The Aldens could barely breathe.

What if the person found them huddled behind the shower curtain? The children stood as still as statues. Eventually they heard footsteps going downstairs.

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