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My Account. Remember to clear the cache and close the browser window. Search For:. Advanced Search. The fictional Christopher Nolan. McGowan, Todd. Publication Information:. Physical Description:. Personal Subject:. Nolan, Christopher, Criticism and interpretation.

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Subject Term:. Motion picture producers and directors -- History and criticism. Electronic books. Added Corporate Author:. ProQuest Firm. Electronic Access:. Civil law reflects these different types of culpability in drawing a distinction between directly intended first-degree murder and various forms of lower-degree manslaughter. But is he culpa- bly responsible? A final requirement for moral culpability is that the agent remains the same person, identical with himself, throughout the entirety of the act, from the moment when he first forms the intention through the final execution of the deed.

The Fictional Christopher Nolan

This is a given in most cases. Eberl mind of another person. Thus, the action and the intention belong to two distinct, non-identical persons. Does Locke believe that people regularly go in and out of existence as they sleep through the night or lose a part of themselves when they forget some past action or experience? Yes and no. Neither body nor soul is the person herself, however. The person is the consciousness associated with a given body or soul. Were it possible for your consciousness to be transferred to a new body, so that it retained the same memories of your past actions, the inhabitant of this new body would still be you.

By the same token, if a different consciousness were to take up residence in your present body, the actions of that body could no longer be consid- ered yours. According to Locke, our consciousness of our past actions is what grounds our identity because we are concerned for those actions. Locke concludes, That with which the consciousness of this present thinking thing can join it self, makes the same Person, and is one self with it, and with nothing else; and so attributes to it self, and owns all the Actions of that thing, as its own, as far as that consciousness reaches, and no farther.

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Locke argues that it would be unreasonable to hold the waking person responsible for the deeds and fantasies of the dreamer. Eberl was once conscious of, though I have now forgot them? To which I answer, that we must here take notice what the Word I is applied to, which in this case is the Man only.

And the same Man being presumed to be the same Person. But if it be possible for the same Man to have distinct incommunicable consciousness at different times, it is past doubt that the same Man would at different times make different Per- sons. For that intention, Leonard could be held morally culpable. Aquinas offers a detailed analysis of the conditions of voluntariness in human ac- tion, which pertains to the question at hand since only a voluntarily performed action can be subject to moral evaluation as to whether the agent is responsible for it. His ignorance would thus not be concomitant with his will since he only had a will to kill John G.

Such voluntary ignorance can occur in two ways: First, because the act of the will is brought to bear on the ignorance: as when a man wishes not to know, that he may have an excuse for sin, or that he may not be withheld from sin. And this is called affected ignorance.

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And ignorance of this kind happens, either when one does not actually consider what one can and ought to consider;—this is called ignorance of evil choice. Because he shot his gun without having confirmed what he was shooting, the hunter is responsible for his ignor- ance due to negligence. He even goes a significant step further in making himself believe that Teddy is John G. Say that Leonard has some reason to believe that Teddy was John G.

After deliberating for a bit on whether he should, he finally decides to go and allows himself to get rip- roaring drunk.

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In his inebriated state, he ends up raping one of his female coworkers. The last memory he has before waking up in prison is sitting at his desk, deliberating whether to go out that night. When Leonard decides to set up Teddy as John G.

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Whatever changes he endures, his several parts are still connected by the relation of causa- tion. Eberl causes and effects, which constitute our self or person. In this view, therefore, memory does not so much produce as discover personal identity, by shewing us the relation of cause and effect among our different perceptions. Nevertheless, the psychological impact of the abuse has a causal bearing on his emotional well-being later in life.

Only once he begins to examine, through psychotherapy or some other means, the origin of the turmoil that impacts not only his own happiness but also the health of his relationships, might he come to understand the causal influence at work and perhaps even recall the abuse. You feel guilty, you have no idea why. You could do anything and not have the faintest idea ten minutes later.

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Leonard knows—or at least now has reason to believe—that the real John G. Hearing Teddy explain who he is and what has really happened is causally related to Leonard forming an intention to kill Teddy.

The Fictional Christopher Nolan

Can I just let myself forget what you made me do? You think I just want another puzzle to solve? Another John G. So you can be my John G. Do I lie to myself to be happy? In your case, Teddy, yes, I will. I have to believe in a world outside my own mind. We all need mirrors to remind ourselves who we are. You live in a dream, kid.

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A dead wife to pine for. A sense of purpose to your life.

His single-minded pursuit of John G. Leonard, before having been assaulted, was probably a peaceful, normal guy, not a violent revenge-seeker.