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Despite this, we know there's always more room for horror. So we found the best books for fans of the freaky film series. With subjects ranging from demonic possessions to haunted houses and killer dolls, these books like The Conjuring films are guaranteed to spook you. What an excellent day for an exorcism For fans of The Conjuring. The Conjuring is based on the real-life haunting of the Perron family home, which the Warrens investigated in the early s.

Yet this is far from the only instance of a family haunted by sinister forces that the Warrens investigated. In , the Smurl family of Pennsylvania began experiencing strange events in their home.

RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL Official Trailer (2019) Nicolas Cage, Laurence Fishburne Movie HD

These events were relatively benign at first: tools went missing, stains appeared on walls, foul odors wafted through rooms. All too soon, however, their abode became a house of horrors.

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The Smurls were plagued by thundering noises, phantom attacks, a hoofed half-man tearing down their hallway, and a constant state of terror. The Smurls did the only thing they could think of: They called renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. In , Maurice Theriault, a farmer from Massachusetts, thought he was possessed by the devil. The book behind the iconic horror movie from , The Exorcist was itself inspired by the real-life exorcism of Roland Doe , which took place in The cause: demonic possession.

Will they succeed or will the devil claim another soul? LaChance and his three children were living in Union, Missouri when their home was invaded by hellish attackers. In this terrifying tale, LaChance recounts the havoc wreaked by the demons—ranging from putrid odors and piercing screams to the murders of animals and sexual assaults. For fans of The Conjuring 2.

The Cuckoo – the uninvited guest

The basis for the opening scenes of The Conjuring 2 , The Amityville Horror is the supposedly true story of the Lutz family. Its truthfulness, like many stories associated with the Warrens, has been a source of much debate and even led to a series of lawsuits. Whether a conjured tale or all-too-real, The Amityville Horror is a terrifying and entrancing account. I'm now a columnist on Townhall. My first column dealt with the now done Supreme Court decision on gay marriage.

I took an approach no one had taken, which the High Court missed. It's short and sweet, makes you wonder why no one else has thought of it already. Would very much enjoy hearing what you think. My Arizona friends and Townhall readers have seen this.

Movie review: 'The Uninvited'

My concern was that the Court's decision would plunge us deeper into the exact mess that has already caused grave harm to the nation. It did. Media wants you to think so, reality more complicated 6- Kansas Gets Constitutional Carry TrainMeArizona Plan Spreads to Kansas 7- The Blatant Racism of Diversity Instead of tremendous praise for unparalleled accomplishment racists attack, seek to force inequality, destroy culture.

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Senate may cancel Superbowl 5- America's gun-murder crisis solved! Page Nine Nos.

Read all about it, see the actual columns, watch the videos. Again 2- Lead Ammo Ban Fails Use Telemarketers don't just hang up on them. Bruce N. Eimer, Ph. Gun-Control Through the U. Gun Treaty Trump the Constitution? The facts, the cases that set precedent, the myths removed, The Vienna Convention of , all in preparation for the U. Arms Treaty of The perp's not.

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Now What? Constitutional Carry takes effect, any law abiding adult in the state can carry openly or discreetly without prior government permission. Stats on the Shooting Sports, Number Two in the nation. Chicago Analysis The U. Supreme Court case that says the states have to obey the Second Amendment. Concealed; 5- Campus Violence Rising? Chicago ; 9- Special Guest Columnist Craig Cantoni -- "No one gasped in shock when Obama said he was committed to the will of the people".

Cantoni: "Stupid Educated Americans". Cantoni: Government Harming not Global Warming. Fights Rights; 9- Left vs. Counterintuitive Man looks at the end of the world, no? Police Disarmament Planned; 2. Pope Upsets Muslims; 3. Osama Lives Forever 4. James Bond's Guns; 5. Hydrogen Salvation Questioned; 6. If you are a fan of modern horror films, there's nothing more frightening than a PG rating. The best films in the genre in recent years have been over-the-top exploitation cinema, claustrophobic thrillers and zombie movies.

Which makes the success of "The Uninvited" that much more impressive. There's no sadistic serial killer or nonstop survival horror action to fill the time, so the Guard brothers have no choice except to sell the story. It's a pretty good one. Emily Browning plays Anna, a teen whose ailing mother died in a fire, leading to Anna's month stay in a psychiatric ward. She returns home to her famous-author father David Strathairn , who is now romantically involved with his wife's much younger former caregiver, Rachael Elizabeth Banks. Anna spends most of the movie being scared by Rachael-hating ghosts while she and her sister learn about the woman's sinister past.

The Guard brothers do a nice job of developing the story, to the point that audiences may forget that they're watching a horror film. The scares aren't as plentiful as in some lesser films, but each one in "The Uninvited" is earned - and often unexpected. It helps to have an excellent cast, particularly Banks. Since we've resigned ourselves to the fact that the blond actress now co-stars in every other Hollywood film, it's good to see her showing some range. Banks has a cool Nurse Ratched thing going that you wouldn't know she had in her, judging by her nice-girl-sidekick roles in "Role Models" and "Zack and Miri Make a Porno.