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Empirical Evidence 4. Exercises 4. Dividends and Information 4. The Informational Content of Dividends 4. A Signaling Model 4. A Consistent Signaling Model 4. Stock Repurchases 4.

Trends in Payout Policies 4. Reasons for Stock Repurchases 4. Empirical Evidence 5. Financial Contracting 5.

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Contracting and Allocation of Control 5. The Model 5. Entrepreneur Control 5. Investor Control 5.

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Contingent Control 5. Financing Contracts 5. Exercises 5. Debt Contract Design 5. Extending the Model 5. The Case of Many Creditholders 5. The Choice of the Duration 5. The Effect of Seniority 5. GoingPublic 6. The Going Public Decision 6. The Model 6. The Equilibrium 6. Empirical Evidence 6. Exercises 6. Underpricing and Information Asymmetries 6. Asymmetry between Issuers and Underwriters 6. Asymmetry between Investors 6. Reputation of Bankers and Uncertainty 6. How Underwriters Become Informed 6. Legal Liabilities 6. Exercises 7.

Going Private 7. Stock Repurchases 7. Leveraged Buyouts 7. The Mechanismof Leveraged Buyouts 7. A Model for MBOs 7.

Empirical Evidence 7. Exercises 8. Mergers and Acquisitions 8. Tender Offers and the Free-Rider Problem 8. Largely Diffused Ownership 8. The Role of a Large Shareholder 8. Uncertain Outcome of a Takeover 8. The Optimal Size of? Merger Bids 8. Competition between Bidders 8. Choosing the Means of Payment 8. Cash as a Preemptive Instrument with Many Bidders 8. The Choice of Takeover Methods 8. Empirical Evidence 8. Optimization Principles A. Unconstrained Optimization A.

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Constrained Optimization A. Equality Constraints A. Course Information. A two-year or a four-semester full-time course of study leading to the Diploma A four-year or an eight-semester full-time course of study leading to the award After thousands of dollars and years of almost no results I stumbled on a product that cheap brazilian hair bundles and it has just become available in the United States.

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The virgin brazilian hair uk straightening has revolutionized the entire game by using keratin as the major ingredient. Frank, M. Trade-off and pecking order theories of debt. Other reading: Tirole, Chapter 3. Ackerlof, G.

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Spence, M. Myerson, R. An introduction to game theory. Working paper, Northwestern University. Cho, I. Kreps, D. Sequential equilibria. Econometrica , pp. Perfect Bayesian equilibrium and sequential equilibrium. Journal of Economic Theory , 53 2 , pp.

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Link: Game Theory. Ross, S. Myers, S. Giammarino, R.


A theory of negotiated equity financing. The Review of Financial Studies , 1 3 , pp. Galai, D. The option pricing model and the risk factor of stock. Journal of Financial Economics , 3 , pp. Leland, H. Chemmanur, T. Other reading: Matos, Chapter 3. Other reading: Tirole, Chaper 6, up to and including application 6; application 8 Leland and Pyle, Homework: Problem Set IV.

The capital structure puzzle. The Journal of Finance , 39 3 , pp.

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Harris, M. The theory of capital structure. A review of empirical capital structure research and directions for the future. Annual Review of Financial Economics , 3 1 , pp. Human capital, capital structure, and employee pay: An empirical analysis.