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For students looking to streamline their use of and development on the Linux OS, the Vi editor will be part of their toolset. VIM is a definitive, concise reference to the vi editor and takes a task oriented approach allowing students to learn only the commands that make your tasks easier.

Real Linux users don't use GUIs. No matter how popular, slick and sophisticated the interfaces become for Linux and UNIX, you'll always need to be able to navigate in a text editor. The vi editor is the original standard UNIX full screen editor.

Vim (text editor)

It's been around almost since UNIX began and it has changed very little. To get around the limitations of vi the people at Bram Moolenaar created the vim editor the name stand for VI iMproved. It contains many more features than the old vi editor including: help, multiple windows, syntax highlighting, programmer support, and HTML support. All of the books published to date focus on vi alone not the expanded vim shipping with every major Linux distribution.

In true New Riders' form, the vim reference will be a definitive, concise reference for the professional Linux user and developer.

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This tutorial takes a task oriented approach allowing you to learn only the commands that make your job easier. Steve Qualline is the author of many programming and Linux related books. He is a professional software engineer, author, and educator. Currently, he works for a large software company as a quality engineer devising ways to improve the quality and reliability of the code produced by their programmers. He is also an avid blimp enthusiast as well as a volunteer steam locomotive engineer on the Poway-Midland Railroad.

Product information Description For students looking to streamline their use of and development on the Linux OS, the Vi editor will be part of their toolset. Basic Editing.

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Editing a Little Faster. Text Blocks and Multiple Files.

Basic Visual Mode. Commands for Programmers. Basic Command : Mode Commands. Basic GUI Usage. Dealing with Text Files. If you can't get this video to work, you can also download the DIVX file. Warning: this is Mbyte!.

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The article was re-published in Hacker Monthly Issue 33, February The table of contents is on the website. Articles about Vim. Releasing version 8. It contains links to relevant info and can be used to convince a friend to start using Vim. An interview with Bram Moolenaar in the Dutch weekly magazine Computable. This is in Dutch only. It was published March I wrote this article for the very first issue of the Free Software Magazine in China. You can now read it on-line.

It's about the design of Vim, the future of open-source and charityware. I have been interviewed by Juraj Bednar. This will be published in the Slovak computer magazine PCRevue. You can find the text here. There is an interview with effervescence about Vim, with Sven Guckes and me.

vi, The Ubiquitous Editor

You can find it here. Short paper on charityware. This was handed out at the Linuxworld expo, February in New York.

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  6. Interactive Vim tutorial?
  7. On February 9 , I have given a presentation on Vim 6. The slides are available here Kbyte, only in Staroffice format!

    Vi iMproved (VIM)

    On October 10 , at the linux It is an older version of the presentation mentioned above. You can read it online here. Konstantin Bakaras made a Russian translation. You can download: the paper in plain text 14 Kbyte. Vim has been selected as finalist in the editors category of the LinuxWorld Editors' Choice Awards for